Photos From Mui Ne

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The best pictures from our trip to Mui Ne, from leaving Saigon to coming home.

And a few short videos…

What do you guys want to see pictures of? More food? Let me know!


  1. Liz DeLuca Almond

    Nick, why are the beaches – even the clean ones – so deserted?
    We love seeing pictures of the food. How about more people pix, like you and Jade? We’re enjoying your adventures.

    1. Author

      The main reason is that parking is minimal. There aren’t many places big enough to park a car, and it’s really risky leaving a motorcycle on the side of the road while you swim. I’ve seen videos of bike thieves that take about 5 seconds. So, if there’s no infrastructure to park, no one visits. The beach we visited was fairly crowded. I don’t take a lot of pictures of Jade or myself, but I will try to take a few more in the future. I apologize for not writing about food sooner—I have posts written up but I’m still taking pictures to use with them.

  2. Beth q

    I sure did think that dog was dead! I LOVE dried jackfruit! I like the food and fruit pics. Did you guys almost get run off the road in the one video? The shrimp looked really good. Maybe get some videos of you talking to the locals!

    1. Author

      No, we didn’t get run off the road. There have only been a couple times I can remember when either of us were driving that we actually had to drive off the road. The van and minibus drivers are the worst. Using my phone makes it difficult to take videos, which is why I have to make Jade drive to take videos on the bike. I am looking for a used GoPro.

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