Angkor Wat In Pictures: Day 3

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From solitary Prasat Kravan to towering Phnom Bakheng, there’s still no end in sight to the temples of Angkor.

This is my last group of temple pictures from our October trip, but don’t think these are cheap leftovers.

Every single structure at the complex has a story to tell, from the most eroded gopura to the grandest temples.

Prasat Kravan


Prasat Kravan is almost an afterthought on the map, but it sure looks great at sunrise. The key features here are the huge carvings within each of the towers, which were a pleasant surprise at this otherwise lonely site.

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Banteay Srei


Banteay Srei—carved by women or aliens, depending on who you ask. Get here early. More importantly, just get here. The level of detail here is stunning.

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Ta Som


Dedicated to Jayavarman VII’s dad, Ta Som doesn’t get as much foot traffic as mom’s temple. But that doesn’t mean you should skip it.

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Krol Ko


Peace and quiet. You’re probably going to have Krol Ko to yourself. Hope you aren’t afraid of ghosts.

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Prasat Prei


Another derelict temple along the same road as Neak Pean and Preah Khan. A stone’s throw from Banteay Prei to the north.

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Banteay Prei


Unremarkable, you say? What about that gargantuan tree held upright by a series of ropes, just a strong gust away from ruining what’s left of the temple?

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Phnom Bakheng


Guidebooks say you can come here to view sunset at Angkor Wat. Or, you could come here to seeĀ thisĀ temple during the day. Your choice.

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